Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Summit Games 2016


The premier planning and training activity for our young men.

Sat, Oct 15 2016, at the Stake Center

  • Young men attending High Adventure in 2017 (will be 14 or older in July 2017) should be at the stake center promptly at 9am, and bring a lunch and a treat to share.
  • All 11-year-old scouts – and boy scouts who will not turn 14 until after July 2017 – should arrive at 1pm, and do not need to bring a lunch or a treat to share.

All boys: please wear your uniform (class A preferred) and bring the dates of any scheduled family activities in 2017, so we can plan around them.

We will be finish up activities at 3pm, and will deliver your boys back home shortly thereafter.