Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cardboard Campout

Cardboard Campout
(Fort Building)
Scout Troop 1998

This Friday, November 13th, we are going to be having a Cardboard Campout (Fort Building).  This will be our pre-winter campout.  We have 3-4 more winter campouts planned for the coming months.  We will be building forts out of cardboard and sleeping in them.  We will be teaching the boys how to winter camp in a safe, easy to abandon, environment.  It will be cold, so please read the "what to bring carefully".  We may even qualify for a couple of Frost Points.  We will be eating hotdogs and dutch-oven for dinner.

We are in need of extra donations of cardboard and duct tape.

What to Bring:
  • Cardboard box (large appliance size, refrigerator size boxes work best)
  • Duct tape (lots of duct tape)
  • Tarps (if you can)
  • Winter sleeping bag (rated at 15 degrees or below) or multiple sleeping bags (nested together)
  • Blankets (for above and below sleeping bag)
  • Thick pad to sleep on (thicker is better), 2 pads would be preferred
    • note: air mattresses are terrible for winter camping
  • Change of clothing, including underwear and socks, to sleep in (critical!)
  • Flannel pants and sweatshirt (with hood or winter hat) to sleep in
  • Hand warmers (10+ hours - anything less than 8 hour is useless for overnight)