Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Klondike Derby 2016 (Packing List)

Klondike Derby 2016
Boy Scouts:
Just a reminder (and packing list) that this Friday, January 22nd, 2016, is our Klondike Derby 2016. The Klondike is being held at the "Heber Valley Camp for LDS Young Women and Families". We will be meeting at my home at 3:30pm and leaving as soon as we are packed (hopefully by 3:45pm). We should return on Saturday around 3pm. This is a winter campout, it is expected to snow on Saturday, so winter clothing is expected. Mandatory Packing List:
  • snow coat (layering is ok , as long as the outer layer/shell is waterproof/breathable)
  • snow hat (most heat is lost through your head)
  • snow gloves (cotton gloves are not sufficient, and if they get wet are worse than having nothing)
  • snow pants (last year we walked through fresh deep snow for a couple of the activities)
  • snow boots (last year we walked through fresh deep snow for a couple of the activities)
    • water proof hiking boots could work as a last resort, but the taller snow boots give a significant advantage when walking through snow
  • Thick socks, or double layered socks - and bring extras!
  • Change of clothing to sleep in (sweat from daily activity freezes quickly while sleeping)
  • Warm winter sleeping bag, or sleeping bag wrapped in another sleeping bag (at Round Table they warned us that cabin can still get down to the 50s / 40s, and to be prepared in case the little space heater dies)
  • Foam pad to sleep on (as it won't get below freezing in the cabin, a reliable air mattress could work too)
  • Pillow (unless you enjoy sleeping on a pile of your clothing)
  • Water bottle or camel back - dehydration in the cold is very common
  • Flash light - I would recommend a headlamp as we will be walking to the cabin in the dark
  • 1 can of chili or beef stew for the combined camp lunch on Saturday
Recommended / Optional Packing List:
  • A sled to carry your equipment from car to cabin - we will have to walk a half mile
    • Or backpack to carry your equipment
  • If you wish to also go sledding with your sled you will also need a bicycle/ski helmet - per BSA and camp regulations
    • sledding on the main road is forbidden - there will be designated locations to sled at
  • A scarf or face mask, in case it is windy
  • Donation of winter clothing for the camp's donation drive
PLEASE REMEMBER:  A warm and dry scout makes for a happy scout.  A cold and wet scout makes for a miserable Scoutmaster!